Digital whiteboards

A-brand digital boards for interactive and fun learning

The choice of available digital whiteboards is enormous. Not only in terms of technology, but also when it comes to mounting options (brackets, stands), software and accessories. BIS|Econocom strives to put together the right solution for every school and even every classroom. Customised to the target group and the learning environment. Quality, user-friendliness, versatility and service life will always be paramount in this solution.

Hard boards and soft boards

BIS|Econocom supplies both boards that use ultrasonic/infrared technology (also called hard boards) and pressure-sensitive boards (also known as soft boards). We do not believe that one technology is better than the other. The situation and the users determine which board is the most suitable. For instance, a digital whiteboard will be used very differently in Year Seven than in the Sixth Form, and special needs education will have different preferences from education at research universities. We will be delighted to advise you what type of digital whiteboard is the best for your classes.

BIS|Econocom supplies digital whiteboards from Legamaster and SMART board. Take a look at the product range here.

Side boards

BIS|Econocom also supplies digital whiteboards with side boards. In this way, you can easily turn your digital whiteboard into an interactive five-sector board and benefit from a lot more (writing) space. It is also ideal for notes that need to remain on the board all day, or even longer, such as pupils’ birthdays, announcements of upcoming talks or other administrative communications for children and parents. Ask your BIS|Econocom Education advisor about the possibilities.

Height-adjustable solutions

Especially in primary schools there is a significant demand for height-adjustable solutions. This is only logical, because there is a considerable difference in height between pupils and teacher, and the use of stools is not ideal. A board that can be easily lowered, on specially mounted brackets, ensures that the board can be used ergonomically by both the smallest of pupils and the teacher. BIS|Econocom Education will be pleased to advise you on the various systems that are available and the associated equipment, such as the right projector and, if required, side boards.

Mobile systems

Using your digital whiteboard in different classes or in different places in your educational institution, such as the assembly hall and communal areas? For these applications, BIS|Econocom offers various easy to move solutions. Complete systems consisting of digital whiteboard, projector, wheeled stand and possibly even a box for the remote control and other accessories. These solutions are designed in such a way that they can pass easily through doorways and that the projector, when the board has been moved, does not always need to be readjusted. BIS|Econocom has mobile systems for both hard and soft boards. Ask your BIS|Econocom Education advisor about the possibilities.


BIS|Econocom Education not only supplies your digital whiteboard, but also ensures that it is professionally and expertly installed at a time that suits you. For example, outside school hours or during holidays. Needless to say, all equipment is checked to ensure it is functioning together properly and the entire solution is delivered in good working order. Even the waste is taken away neatly for you. If required, we can also provide training for users, so that you, your colleagues and your students obtain the maximum benefit from the equipment. Read more about all BIS|Econocom Education Services.


An essential component of a digital whiteboard is, of course, the software. Without good software, the board simply cannot do what it is designed to do; make lessons more interactive and more dynamic. Most boards are supplied with software as standard. In addition to these software packages developed by the manufacturers of digital whiteboards, there are also various board-independent software packages available that can be used on any digital whiteboard. These packages are very user-friendly – thanks to the “Windows Look and Feel”. Moreover, the software is further developed in collaboration with teachers with years of experience and is thus being constantly improved and kept up to date. BIS|Econocom will be pleased to advise you on what software is most suitable for your situation and will ensure that your teachers are trained in the optimum use of the many new possibilities.

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