Assembly systems

Stepless, height-adjustable wall brackets and mobile systems

BIS|Econocom offers schools various mounting solutions for digital whiteboards. Solutions that have been designed for daily and intensive use in schools and which therefore take account of the need for both teachers and students to be able to use the board ergonomically. The possibilities also include mobile solutions.

BIS|Econocom supplies high-quality and innovative stands and brackets for mounting, as well as touch displays and digital whiteboards in combination with an ultra short throw projector. Over the years, BIS|Econocom has marketed several attractive solutions that make the use of digital whiteboards and touch displays in classrooms and lecture halls more pleasant and promote the use thereof.

We supply the right solution for every situation: securely mounted or mobile, height-adjustable with electric or hand-wind operation, basic model or with sideboards. Whatever your needs, we would be pleased to advise you on the best mounting option for your situation. Irrespective of your choice, the BIS|Econocom solution will make it possible for you to easily raise or lower your touch display or digital whiteboard to the desired height. This way the working height of the whiteboard can be adjusted to the height of the lecturer using it at that time.

The big advantage to using a height-adjustable wall bracket is that incorrect posture and physical ailments — created by incorrect posture — are now a thing of the past. Pupils also benefit from height-adjustable whiteboards. They make it possible for smaller pupils to use the entire surface of the whiteboard without needing a step stool, while pupils and students further back in the classroom enjoy a better view when the whiteboard is raised. Further, this wall mount is easy to install, maintenance-friendly and durable.

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