Additional Teaching materials

Additional Teaching materials

Operating systems

BIS|Econocom offers control solutions which allow the teacher to operate all the equipment in the classroom, such as the PC, whiteboard, projector and sound system from a central location. An easy to use button panel which can be mounted on the wall or in the teacher’s desk means that separate remote controls are no longer required.


Visualisers (also called document cameras) are the new generation of overhead projectors. This allows you to display large images of your 2D and 3D objects, such as a scale model or a specific drawing from a book, on your digital whiteboard, touch screen or via your projector. You can also use the visualiser to record video images with sound and save them to the network. Take a look at the range of visualisers on our product page.


The big advantage of digital whiteboards is that it is very easy to integrate audio and video in the lesson. It is important that the sound can be heard by everyone in the class. BIS|Econocom supplies various solutions for the professional playback of audio in the classroom and will be pleased to advise you on which loudspeakers are most suitable for your situation. Click here to view the complete range of loudspeakers.


In addition to the benefits of digital whiteboards, schools are increasingly discovering the added value of tablets in the classroom. This includes (wirelessly) connecting the students’ tablets to the digital whiteboard. This makes it easy to display exercises to the whole class and then allow students to answer them digitally and individually. And the use of digital textbooks with extras such as video, audio, exercises and tests makes lessons more dynamic and fun. Enabling students to do their homework and send it to the teacher digitally is another one of the many possibilities.

Static presentation possibilities

In a digital learning environment there is still a need to be able to make notes or to leave messages on the board for a longer period. Especially for this purpose, BIS|Econocom carries various classic whiteboards and flip charts in its product range. Complete with all the necessary presentation accessories. It is also possible to expand your digital whiteboard with static side boards for additional note options.

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