Accessories in your classroom

Classic teaching aids

In a digital learning environment there is still, of course, a need to be able to make “regular” notes. Especially for this purpose, BIS|Econocom carries various classic whiteboards and flip charts in its product range. Complete with all the necessary presentation accessories. It is also possible to expand your digital whiteboard with static side boards for additional note options.


BIS|Econocom Education can supply and install a new lamp for your projector quickly and professionally.

Wireless mouse and keyboard

Would you like to control your digital whiteboard or touch screen from every corner of your classroom? Draw circles, add shading, make notes etc. from the back of the classroom? The ergonomic and user-friendly wireless mice and keyboards in the BIS|Econocom range make this very easy.

ICT equipment

A good ICT infrastructure and ICT equipment are essential for making the optimum use of the possibilities of the digital whiteboard and for enabling students and lecturers to work independently and/or in groups. BIS|Econocom has all the knowledge and skills in-house to give you expert advice on the use of ICT solutions within your organisation. We can offer you a wide range of equipment that meets the latest technological requirements and is ideally suited for use in the education sector.

Sharing a computer with several users

BIS|Econocom also offers schools the solution of sharing a computer with several users. Depending on the configuration, two to 30 work stations can be created with only a single computer. With this system, ICT becomes easier, cheaper and more flexible. Fewer PCs are needed, while work stations take less space, use less energy and require less supervision.

Users of the work stations do not even notice that they are sharing a PC. This is because each workstation is equipped with its own screen, keyboard and mouse. And even with its own desktop with its own settings and programs. A very small box – also called a terminal – is screwed in behind the screen and connects with the central PC. This can be any PC: from the lecturer’s PC next to the digital whiteboard to a PC elsewhere in the school. Even virtual systems are recognised. To find out about the possibilities within your educational institution, please contact your BIS|Econocom Education advisor.

Markers, magnets, wipers etc..

BIS|Econocom has the right accessories for every education project. The accessories are perfectly coordinated with each other, are of outstanding quality and are indispensable in day-to-day activities. From pointers, markers, magnets, wipers and digital pens to presentation boxes and flipchart paper. BIS|Econocom has it all.

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