MDS Management system

For user-friendly management and registration of funeral ceremonies

The BIS|Econocom Memorial Distribution System, or MDS, has been specially developed in order to allow simple management, facilitation and registration of funeral ceremonies. In addition, BIS|Econocom MDS allows rapid and effective creation of a CD and/or DVD of the ceremony. Because all this is possible with a single package, you benefit from unparalleled efficiency and convenience. This will not only be noticed by your customers, your (auditorium) staff members will also be capable of providing the type of structure and content for the funeral ceremony that the deceased's next of kin would like, more simply, more efficiently and more conscientiously.

Summary of the benefits MDS offers you:

  • Complete management of funeral ceremonies in a single software package
  • Features for all your needs, varying from composing play-lists and registration right up to the production of a CD and DVD
  • Ability to display images (JPG, BMP, PNG and GIF)
  • Support for playing and recording PowerPoint presentations
  • Support for playing and recording video (MPG, WMV, H.263)
  • Includes a web-based operating application that offers the following advantages and extra options;
    • Website log-in for funeral parlour owners
    • Ability to view the ceremony live or at a later time via Internet (webcasting)
    • Ability to create and deliver presentations via the website
    • Ability to create and deliver a music selection via the website

MDS consists of the following components:

  • MDS Ceremony Manager
  • Administration of ceremonies
  • MDS Music Database
  • Searching for and registering music
  • MDS Media Ripper
  • Conversion of audio (CDs) to MP3
  • MDS Production
  • Production of CDs and DVDs
  • MDS Player
  • Playing music and presentations
  • MDS Recorder
  • Recording images and sound
  • MDS Controller en Touchpanel
  • Simple operation
  • MDS Server
  • Connection, back-up and central storage

In brief, MDS provides all you need to arrange any funeral ceremony perfectly from beginning to end. You benefit from high levels of efficiency. The deceased's next of kin benefit from your service.

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