Dynascan High Brightness Displays

Dynascan monitors are distinguished by their extremely high brightness and very compact bezel. This makes the Dynascan monitors perfect for use in extremely light environments such as windows, shopping centres, stations and other public (outdoor) locations. These monitors will ensure you make a great impression on the passing public.

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Benefits of Dynascan monitors

  • Very high light output. Therefore suitable for (semi) outdoor applications
  • Minimal power consumption thanks to the use of LED background lighting
  • Only a few inches deep, which means screens can be placed back-to-back in a housing
  • Narrow screen bezels for a minimalist look and video wall settings
  • Resistant to very high and very low temperatures (below freezing)

Dynamic communication at outdoor locations

Dynascan monitors - from 32 to 84 inches - provide a good response to increasing demand for dynamic communication at outdoor locations. The extremely high light output (up to 7,000 NIT) of these full-HD and ultra-HD monitors ensures the image remains visible, even in sunlight. This is combined with minimal power consumption thanks to the LED backlight. Ideal for windows, shopping centres, city centres, stations and airports. Because the screens - despite the extreme brightnesses - are very thin, Dynascan displays are also very suitable for back-to-back applications for exposure on both sides.

Dynascan monitors also suitable for video wall settings

Because the screen bezels of the Dynascan monitors are very narrow, the monitors are excellent for video wall applications. A creative collection of multiple Dynascan screens can create an even more attractive eye-catcher for passers-by. Additionally, the screens are equipped with fanless cooling, making them unbelievably quiet.

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