Smart Offices

Smart Offices

In recent years the spaces in which we meet, present and discuss have changed. The revolutionary development of audio-visual & IT technology has left its mark on the way we share information, we interactively work together, have videoconferences etc. From council chamber to briefing room and from boardroom to waiting roomin every space the audio-visual infrastructure plays a distinctive role

Benefiting from the offices of tomorrow today

But that’s not all. The technology continues; it can do more, it offers more. In addition to audio-visual & IT solutions also other elements play a role in your spaces. Through the use of sensors, the integration in the Internet of Things and the mutual communication between the devices, the facilities will respond to your behaviour and to the changing circumstances. Smart offices are no longer a dream.

Smart office. Why smart?/h2>

What applies to buildings, applies also to smart offices on a smaller scale. Systems control each other without human interaction being required. Dusk falls in? The light will automatically be brighter. Too much sunlight on the presentation screen? The blinds automatically lower. No more people in the room? The thermostat will automatically lower, the light switches off and all the equipment goes in stand-by position. A meeting in about 15 minutes ? The windows open automatically to air, the room temperature is set to a pleasant temperature, the equipment switches on and a welcome tune starts.

It is about the overall picture

As with “regular” audio-visual & IT solutions, we approach the smart offices from a holistic vision. We look at the total and think from the application. Technology and equipment are not integrated as loose elements in a space, but we create a whole. We align the different components in a smart office, the various elements strengthen each other, the mutual communication and cooperation between the systems is optimised. Everything in service of the user.

Activity oriented accommodation

Imagine… what if you could integrate and combine these smart offices in your premises. What would this mean for the productivity, the job satisfaction, the motivation of your employees. How cool is it to develop all kinds of spaces, each of which supports your primary process in its own way. Each space facilitates one or more activities. Creative spaces, concentration areas, interactive areas, informal meeting places, spaces for collaboration and video conferencing, individual workplaces, information screens at various spots… Activity oriented accommodation such as it was meant to be.

More information on smart offices

More information on smart offices? Noncommittal sparring with an expert on this field? Discover in an interactive session what are the possibilities and the benefits for your organisation.

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