Intelligent lighting

Intelligent lighting

Lighting… in every building and in every room lighting plays a major role. A much larger role than a lot of people realise. Think of it; lighting creates atmosphere, lighting stimulates the concentration, lighting affects our feelings, lighting provides comfort and lighting is good for the job satisfaction.

Stimulating atmosphere

These are all positive features of lighting. But to be able to benefit from them, lighting must be carefully selected. You can trust BIS|Econocom. For each case our light experts come up with the best solution using intelligent LED lighting. LED lighting can be integrated harmoniously in any building. In addition, the hue and the intensity of LED can be easily adapted to the purpose you have in mind. Would you like to stimulate productivity? Or tap into creativity? Is it time to relax? Or to step up? With LED you can realise it.

Accurate navigation

An application of lighting not everyone is aware of, is that light is particularly suitable to navigate people through buildings. LED lighting offers reliable orientation lighting. Especially in case of an emergency, well thought out lighting solutions play a decisive role. By integrating the lighting at the right spots in a building, you create a “route” along which employees and visitors can quickly and safely leave the building.

Central control

From all lighting options of course you can also choose lighting that is particularly energy efficient, so you can save energy, costs as well as the environment. In addition, BIS|Econocom supplies intelligent lighting systems, that respond to presence and absence or light and dark. To be of full service to you, we provide you with the (central) control of your lighting solution.

Optimal support

You can also trust BIS|Econocom for advice, installation, maintenance and repair of the LED lighting to be integrated. BIS|Econocom advises you on the right lighting for your scope and takes care of the preparation (engineering), realisation and maintenance of the optimal lighting plan. Each type of lighting is in reliable hands at BIS|Econocom: project lighting, interior lighting, outdoor lighting and site lighting.

Want to know more? Free lighting advice?

Would you like to discover how lighting can contribute to your objectives? Creating an atmosphere by means of lighting that stimulates people and gives pleasure? Please feel free to contact one of our specialists. We are at your service.

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