Digital lockers

Digital lockers, flexible and safe

The way we work, study, do sport and relax changes. In many organisations the time when each employee had a fixed workplace (including photo frame, storage drawers and coat rack) is a thing of the past. But, of course, you want to offer your colleagues and visitors the possibility to store their personal items. Not only for themselves, but also in order to keep your premises tidy and neat. With the digital lockers of BIS|Econocom you offer this option. And that’s not all... Our lockers are also exceptionally well secured, so you are sure that no one can take the items of someone else.

No longer an own, fixed workplace

For reasons of cost saving and/or driven by the technological opportunities, more and more modern organisations focus on flexible workplaces for (some of) their employees. In a growing number of cases the rule of thumb is that 0.6 to 0.7 workplaces per FTE is sufficient. Because thanks to the technologic developments people can work always and everywhere (at home, in a public means of transport, in their hotel room and even during holidays), it is no longer (always) necessary to set up a permanent workplace for everyone.

Flexible in use, always safe

It goes without saying that a total different vision of the use (and thus of the organisation) of an office building also has implications on the ability to safely store personal property. While previously employees could leave their belongings behind in a lockable desk, or had the possibility to lock their offices, currently there is much more demand for flexible, non-personal, but protected storage space. Storage space with enough capacity to leave a coat, bag, laptop and other devices behind with a safe feeling. The digital lockers of BIS|Econocom provide a solution for this.

Digital lockers with smart features

No two digital lockers are the same. The digital lockers of BIS|Econocom offer exactly what the modern flexi-worker requires. And more… our lockers can be controlled with an access card and by placing them at strategic locations inside the building: storage space is always at hand. Did you forget the number of your digital locker at the end of an strenuous day? That’s no big deal. You keep your card on the card reader and the system immediately tells you what locker number you had at your disposal. Of course they are also equipped with useful extras such as an integrated charging point for your tablet or smartphone.

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